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  • Josine Pentin

    How can we allow the users to update the language setting in their profile?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Josine,
    Generally, end-users are not able to directly set their language preference. There are some rules that Zendesk uses to detect and set the language for new users, and aside from that, it would be up to agents to manually change the user's language setting for them: Setting and detecting a user's language
    However, it is possible to set the user's language automatically via a trigger – here's an example where the language for new email-based tickets, based on the Support Address the email was originally sent to: Using a requester's language in your business rules
    Another way to leverage that could be to add a "Language preference" dropdown field to your ticket form. List all your supported languages in the ticket field, don't set it to required, and then create a trigger for each language, replacing the "Channels is Email" and "Received at:" criteria with "Channel is Help Center" and "(name of your language dropdown) is" and then one of your languages. Then in the Actions for each trigger, you'd set the Requester language to match the selection you have specified in the criteria of that trigger. That way, when your users submit a ticket via your help center request form, if they want support in a different language, they can select it right there in the form. You'd want to make sure these triggers are earlier in your list of triggers than any email notification triggers that will email them, since those can be affected by the requester's language.
    Hope that helps!

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