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  • Nara
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Lenora, thanks for the question. While you can user Triggers to add Tags, Triggers exclusively run on ticket updates. In other words, until a ticket is updated, Triggers will not run on that ticket. However, Automations can also be used to Set/Add Tags, and these run on a time operation, rather than a ticket update.
    I would recommend checking out the reference on Automation Conditions and Actions to see if those available can assist with your workflow of tagging tickets.
  • Gabriel Ortiz

    Do you know if Zendesk changed how tags are auto-created?

    when I create new field options, It used to convert the :: used to delineate levels to __ and now, as of sometime earlier this week, it doesn't.


    Previously: I create a new Primary Contact reason type Category::Reason A and the tag is auto-created as category_reason_a
    Now: I create a new Primary Contact reason type Category::Reason A and the tag is auto-created as category::reason_a

    Is there a reason why it's now being converted to :: instead of __ ?

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Gabriel,
    We understand you are mainly concerned with the change that has occurred. And we do not see any external documentation that specifically calls out how tags come up as a default when you set nested field values. But, the change was intentional from __ to :: .
    Since Explore doesn't have a native ability to report on nested fields. As a result, we provided a workaround to reporting on customer fields that required the addition of custom attributes using custom code. The code that we provided in our Explore recipe (Explore recipe: Reporting on nested drop-down fields) assumes that all the values returned by the main attribute show in Explore formatted as the field's option (using ::), not the field's option value (using _). The underscores are shown in the main attribute due to Explore not being able to access the field option associated with a specific field option value. This is a limitation on drop-down value reporting. 
    I hope this answers your question. Thank you!

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