Making outbound calls

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  • Brandon Tidd
    User Group Leader Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Humblident Award - 2021

    Hey Emily!

    So the phone number record is saved to the user (requester) profile and is not visualized on the ticket.  So if you're on an email ticket, and the user has an E164 formatted phone number associated with them (+12025551234), you should be able to switch the channel to 'Call' from public reply and continue the conversation.  Hope this helps!


  • Denis Oskolkov
    Zendesk Luminary

    I believe a feature to prevent accidental dialing would greatly enhance the user experience. Perhaps a confirmation prompt could be implemented before initiating a call when 'Call' is selected. Alternatively, Zendesk could configure the dialer to open without initiating the call when 'Call' is clicked and a phone number is on record. The call would then only start when the 'Call' button is manually pressed.

    Looking forward to hearing thoughts on this from the Zendesk team and the community.

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hey Denis thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. For future reference I want to point you in the direction of our product feedback forum for Talk, where you an input such feature requests. This forum is the best place to put your thoughts on the product and areas you wish to to it improved, thanks so much!

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