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  • Austin Villanueva


    I'm not sure if it is the right place to ask but it is quite hard to see information about staff member role. So regarding staff member, is there an available API calls for staff member role? similar to what agent or administrator can do with API token key. I look up the documentation but nothing said about staff member. Please let me know if you have any information.

    Thank you.

  • Pedro Reis

    Honestly, I don't understand the difference between a contributor and a light agent. Can someone clarify this?

  • Juraj Jarmek

    Hello @...,

    A good guide can be found here:

    Creating custom roles and assigning agents


    If you are using Zendesk Chat Phase 4 with an integrated Support account, each new Chat agent is also added to your Support account as a contributor. Contributors in Support have limited privileges; for instance, contributors can view some tickets, but cannot respond or otherwise interact with them. Contributors do not occupy an agent seat in Support unless they are manually upgraded to an agent role.

    If you have a Sell-only account, existing Sell users will be added to a Support account as contributors.

    If you have a Chat-only Phase 4 account, and later create an integrated Support account, existing Chat agents will be added to your Support account as contributors. For more information, see Creating agents and departments in the Zendesk Chat Help Center.


    The light agent is a limited agent role. Light agents can be CC'd on tickets, can view tickets, and can add private comments to tickets within their groups. They cannot be assigned to or edit tickets. Light agents can be given permission to view reports or they can be restricted from viewing any reports. They cannot create or edit a report. The number of light agents you can add depends on your plan. See Understanding light agent permissions.
    Basically, it boils down to how those agents are created.
    If you have agents that have only full access to either Zendesk Chat or Zendesk Sell but not to Zendesk Support, they will be created as Contributors, so that they still may have some kind of access to Zendesk Support.

    Light agents can be added separately with the collaboration add-on, which is included in our Growth, Professional and Enterprise plans. So for them, you would not need a seat in either Sell or Chat, but they would be added separately. They would also not be reserving a seat, but because of that would have limited functionality.

    Hope that answers your question.

  • Ben Fulton

    Hi, I'm looking for some more precise answers about what Contributors can access.

    "...for instance, contributors can view some tickets, but cannot respond or otherwise interact with them."

    This seems unnecessarily vague—*which* exact tickets can the Contributor role view? Tickets assign to their group? Tickets with some other qualifier?

  • Chad Susa

    Is there a more exhaustive list in an article somewhere that details exactly what roles in the Professional plan can and can't do apart from ticket access? For example, the Agent role in the Professional plan, what can and can't they do with other aspects of Support such as configuration, user profiles (create, view, edit etc), Organisation profiles etc. Also, can they see tickets that they are a follower on or cc'd on?

    I've tried searching but only found this article and the article Understanding Zendesk Support user roles that uses the word 'may' but is not definitive.

    Many thanks :)

  • Ahn Letran

    Hello, Chad!

    This list is what we currently have with regards to user roles. If we could improve on this list, we'd like to get your feedback on it, too. Agent roles and permissions depend on the account itself, if they are given access to tickets outside their group, if they can view other macros, edit them, etc. If there's any missing point here, we'd look into it for you and have it addressed to our documents team.


  • Moe Priester

    Hey team,

    I have the same question has Ben Fulton. The documentation I can find around the "Contributor" role is vague, with this line – contributors can view some tickets, but cannot respond or otherwise interact with them – being used in this comment section and another article.

    Exactly which kinds of tickets can the Contributor role view?


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