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  • Ian Morgan

    We have just started using Side Conversations and I am going through the setups. I notice that you can mark a side conversation as 'Done' but the Child Ticket is not notified. How would I set up a trigger to notify the Child Ticket?

  • Remi Saumet
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Ian Morgan,

    Thank you for posting here, hope you are doing well today !

    Unfortunately, as per Trigger conditions and actions reference, there is no option to notify / use the Child Ticket in triggers when the side conversation on the parent ticket is marked as "done".

    I would encourage you to submit this feedback here : Feedback on Support for our product managers to review this feature.

    However, an idea could be to use the HTTP target (with the Tickets API endpoint) in trigger to notify the Child Ticket when the Side Conversation on the parent's ticket is marked as "done" > Closed.
    For example on the parent ticket, Condition : Side Conversation is Closed > Action : use a PUT method to notify/update the Child Ticket (inserting a comment for instance) with its own ticket ID.

    Nonetheless, bear in mind that I cannot accompany you any further on that approach as the usage of HTTP target is not supported. I just wanted to provide some potential workaround.

    Here are some additional resources :

    Finally, you can also have a look at our app : Linked Ticket that will allow you to create and link a ticket from an existing one. This might be another alternative to have a look at.

    Hope this helps! Have a great rest of your day.

    Best regards,

  • Ian Morgan

    Hi @...

    Thank you for your reply. I will submit the feedback as you suggest.

    Best regards

  • Megan Lalock

    I just enabled the ability to use child tickets today in my instance. So far, this is great but there is one issue that I wanted to see if there was a workaround for it. 

    If I am having to reach out to multiple departments it would be nice if I could attach the comments from another child ticket to a new one for a separate department. Is there a work around for this so I don't have to go in and copy paste?

    Also- regarding the limitations for the notifications trigger: It would be really nice if we could get something that allowed us to exclude child tickets from this. Has anyone figured out a work around for this?

  • Rafael Santos

    Hi @..., you could add an exception to the trigger notification using the conditions "Channel IS Side-conversation" AND "Ticket IS Created".

  • Administrador


    Is there any way to assign a side conversation child tickets to an end-user instead of an agent or group? It is illogical that by default they can only be assigned to the latter.



  • Greg O'Neill SMC

    Hi Guillermo - CX Lead, you can create the side conversation as an email to the end user and once they reply it will come back into the side conversation in your ticket.


  • Administrador

    Hello @...,

    I appreciate your feedback. However, I intend to create a child ticket from the side conversation and assign it directly to the end user. For follow up purposes, in some cases it makes more sense to create a ticket than to send an email.


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