Using side conversation child tickets

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  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Kaan,

    I hope all is well! Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment to replicate ticket tags when using side conversations. We have acknowledged your feedback!

  • Bryan Haeussler

    Do you have a suggestion (or at least can confirm this is expected behaviour) for what to do about the fact side conversation tickets are limited to the agent who initiated them in cases where permissions vary?

    For example:

    Agent in Group A receives a request, Agent in Group A sends a side ticket to Group B, Agent in Group B replies.

    Another Agent in Group A takes up the original Group A ticket, and can see the side conversation and replies from Group B, but cannot add a reply themselves.

    I assume this happens because they are not the requestor, a follower, or in the group of the side ticket, but since they can see the 'parent' ticket (and the contents of the child ticket) it seems odd they cannot reply. Is there a setting I am missing? All involved agents have permission to contribute to side conversations and make public replies on tickets.

  • Sini Juntunen

    Hi, we have had an issue with ticket side conversations, and I read that also couple of other users talked about it here in this thread, and Toby Sterrett also referred partly to the same workflow.

    The problem is that when we have a ticket side conversation where we change the requester to be an end-user, anyone who goes only to the mother ticket doesn't know that the requester of the side conversation has been changed. So the requester still seems to be the agent/group, even if it's some end-user. And if someone adds comments to the side conversation from mother ticket, they only go to the child ticket, but are not sent to the end-user requester, who they are supposed to go. So the whole conversation has to be done from the child ticket, in order for the end-user to be notified.

    Now we have to advice people not to change the requester in ticket side conversations, to avoid this problem.

    Could you please fix it so that the new requester shows also in the mother ticket, and that the new requester would also get the notification sent from the mother ticket's side conversation (not only from the child ticket)?

    And will it soon be possible to create a ticket side conversation for an end-user in the first place, so that we don't have to change the requester manually?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Sini,
    You can actually change the requester of the side conversation and any replies on the side conversation should be received by the new requester.
    I have tested it directly on my end and it worked perfectly. Maybe I'll just share all the trigger I utilized for this workflow and compare it with the one you have. 

    The screenshot above was the interaction on the side conversation. As you can see, the end-user "Neutral CX" was able to respond to the agent which indicates the notification was received.
    You will need to check the trigger that sends a notification to the requester and CCs on the ticket. There's a possibility that this is the one causing it due to some conditions that will not fire on the ticket created from side conversation. You'll need to check your ticket events to determine what are the triggers that should fire but didn't.


  • Sini Juntunen

    Thank you Dane! I got the notification working correctly now, but the problem that the new requester name doesn't update to the mother ticket after it has been changed is still continuing. I will create a support ticket about this issue, and let's see if they can fix this. Thanks for your help!


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