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  • Heather Hernandez

    I'd have to agree with everyone prior. We've spent the last almost month trying to prepare what data we need to migrate the Good Review/Bad Review view that was previously set up in Insights. With no luck, we've also moved to creating queries and messing around with all options/metrics. Ultimately I just want to be able to see it the old way which consisted of an agent break down by custom dates, good & bad rating score with exact # of tickets rated, and the ability to view the csv or raw data list of the relevant tickets. It literally took less than 5 clicks if that even. Now having to try to create queries and still not even have a full view of the ticket list is so tedious. And disappointing. 

  • Tom Pagut

    Well, it happened. Now we're forced to use Explore and we still do not have an easy way to see Feedback provided by our customers. Cool cool cool cool.......

  • Ricardo Pinto
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hello everyone. Thank you very much for all your feedback regarding this topic. @... put together a guide that will help you recreate the Satisfaction tab reports in Explore. I understand that it is not the same as having an already made tool that allows you to see your agent's feedback. However, with this guide, you will be able to create a similar tool that you can customize to your needs.

  • Antonio

    As many people here have said, I'm also very dissatisfied with the forced change from Insights to Explore without automatically replicating all our reports, having to spend countless hours learning how this works and creating everything again from scratch, and to top it off, with less functionality that we used to have (and it takes forever to load!).

    In the old Satisfaction tab, I was able to download a csv including not only satisfaction comments, agent names, ratings or timestamps, but also edits to those comments and changes from Bad to Good and viceversa. Here's an example taken from csv files that I downloaded before the purge:

    - On ticket 226632, I can see the requester changed the rating from bad to good, with the same comment, after a few minutes (the agent had followed up).
    - On ticket 227670, I can see the requester edited the comment to add a word after a few seconds.
    - On ticket 227940, I can see the requester changed the comment entirely and the rating from bad to good after a few hours (the agent had followed up).

    Now, the guide here is a start, but I can only view the "current" or "last" satisfaction comment, not all the edits that were made before, which are very important for me to understand how satisfied our customers are and what our agents are doing to keep them satisfied. I can't seem to find a way to view the same thing in Explore, unless I'm missing something.

  • Tyler Moser

    The C-sat insights dash report worked great for quick follow-ups and basic reporting. Unforntaly, the new explore dash is missing these basic features creating major headaches in our daily and weekly reports as well as unnecessary hurdles for customer follow-ups.

    I've followed the guide/explore recipe for Replicating the insights Satisfaction tab reports in Explore, and it does not actually work. It breaks down at step 8 (linked), and I've talked to support about this but have not had much luck so far. I'm hoping others may have found a workaround.  

    As posted by others, we need to easily be able to see the buckets below so we can follow-up with customers quickly, providing top-level service:

    • Requester
    • ticket ID
    • the agent assigned to the ticket 
    • link to each ticket for customer follow-ups
    • break down by custom dates (day/week/month/quarter)
    • total count of good vs. bad ratings/scores
    • exact # of tickets rated (day/week/month/quarter)
    • the ability to export the CSV

    It literally took less than a minute or two to get everything we needed. Now we have to try to create queries to replace the basic insights dash functionality. However, due to the limitations of Explore reporting, we still do not have a full view of what is needed and provided by many competitors. Overall, Explore is not user-friendly, very tedious, disappointing, and not a better experience. 

    Hoping for a quick fix from Zendesk. 

  • Momtanu Chakraborty


    I agree with the comments of others. Zendesk insights was much easier, and customer satisfaction data dashboard was automatic which was great. I have been trying to create a query as explained in https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044199053-Explore-recipe-Replicating-the-Satisfaction-tab-reports-in-Explore. However, whenever I add date column or ticket ID, the query fails to load and is blank. Seems like a data fetching issue for large numbers. When I just select one assignee, it works. Not sure if I am doing anything wrong. I would also like to sort the CSAT results according to time (date, month, year)

  • Sophie



    I agree with the other Zendesk Clients here. Explore is failing to meet our needs and it's such a shame when the reporting/insights tab had everything we needed. I hope Zendesk is taking these needs into consideration.

  • Maria Thomas


    I can only agree with the other Zendesk Clients. I have encountered the same problems concerning the customer satisfaction data dashboard and hope that this information will again be more easily available in the future.

  • Jeanne


    I also wanted to chime in and say that Explore is a complete failure. It's pretty obvious that no thought went into the design of this product as to its user friendliness. We are a 2 person support team. We are too busy actually supporting our customers and don't have the hours necessary to build custom reports - nor do we need them!

    And we should not have to use the the time of our dev team to figure this out!

    I just want to see my customer feedback. I don't think that is too big of an ask.

  • JustLogin Support


    Like everyone else here it is utterly disappointing how Zendesk got no updates for all of us.

    We upgraded to Growth and got Explore - the Satisfaction portion under Insight is better than Explore. Why not add it too? We need to know the tickets and comments.

  • Asheby

    Zendesk have been receiving complaints about how poorly Explore compares with Insights, especially with CSAT reporting, for more than 2 years now and they have done nothing to improve, fix or appropriately address these concerns.

    As a company which provides Customer Support solutions, it's wild that Zendesk don't take the time to listen to their own customers and do more about this issue. It is time consuming to have to rebuild basic reporting needs from scratch, most of the 'recipes' shared by Zendesk are inaccurate or missing vital steps - and their customers provide more support to each other in the comments than the Zendesk team.

    Zendesk Explore is a case study on how to ineffectively manage change and neglect the user experience. Please take the time to listen to your customers.

  • Manuel Neethling


    Is there any way to eliminate duplicates from appearing in the report, when I pull the report after editing the date the report still pulls through 2 or 3 tickets almost daily that was on the report a week ago.

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Manuel,

    How was your report filtered? A possible scenario is if you are using a date filter like Ticket updated - Date. This date attribute looks at the last update made on the ticket. If a ticket was rated the previous week, and was then updated, for example, closed out by an automation this week, then that ticket will appear in both reports – the one generated last week and the current week. 
  • Manuel Neethling

    Hi Gab,


    Thank you for the response, the report was built before I took over. I will have a look at those attributes and revert back.


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