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  • Comply Flow Support

    Can existing tags be edited? We have only found add new or delete.


  • Beau P.
    Zendesk Customer Care


    No, it is not possible to rename or edit tags in your account. However you can replace an old tag with a new one but it won't actually rename the original tag. For more information on tags please visit Understanding Tags and Ticket Fields: .

    If you choose to replace a tag with a new one, the original tag will still exist until you remove it from your system. Once the original tag has been replaced with a new one, you can bulk remove the original tag from your system through the use of our API. For more information on the API endpoint please visit our developer documentation on Core API:

  • Augusto Silva


    I would like to suggest some kind of command within the text box (such as "/" is used to call the shortcuts).

    E. g. You insert text with a "#" (#sales) and it automatically turns to a tag added to what you are writing.

  • Carrie Adkisson

    Under 'Creating and editing tags in History' it states:

    Most agents do not have access to modify tags in History

    Is there a way to give agents permission to edit the tags in their own chat history without making them an admin?

    When our agents are really busy sometimes they forget to add a tag during the chat session and would like to add it after the chat has ended.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Carrie,
    You can go to Chat > Settings > Roles > Agents and enable Edit Chat tags. This is only available for roles on Chat Enterprise accounts. 

  • CJ Johnson

    Can this article be updated to reflect how all this flows in Agent Workspace? 

  • Fadhilah

    Hi, I am using web widget messaging api. Can I add tags when chat sent ?

  • Judy Correia

    Are chat tags added as ticket tags if we have either the automatic or manual 'Automatic ticket creation feature selected?


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