Embedding customer service in mobile apps with the Support SDK

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  • Lisa S


    Where's best to check first if tickets are being received without a country (custom field) populated? They're being filtered incorrectly to the UK team (catch all).



  • Jonathan Simone


    Sorry if there is any confusion on my side here (I am new to this). Can anyone point me in the direction of a sample iOS app that does Help Center, Tickets, Chat and possibly voice? 

    I have found these sample apps that show how to add each one (answerbot, chat, help center, tickets) individually here: https://github.com/zendesk/ios_sdk_demo_apps

    But I would really like the code that is shown here: https://web-assets.zendesk.com/videos/support-in-mobile-app.webm (on this page: https://www.zendesk.com/embeddables/ near the bottom).

    Thank you!

  • marco

    No encuentro la documentación necesaria para incrustar el answer bot que personalice con el generador de flujos en mi app Nativa android configurando sdk para movil, pueden ayudarme con esto?? tks

  • Liliane Lass Erbe

    Hi, its possible to use CSAT in this SDK version?

    Thank you


  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Liliane! The Support SDK does not support CSAT. The Zendesk SDKs do support CSAT, however there are limitations for that SDK that you can read further about on that linked doc before deciding to make that switch.

  • John Sifely

    Hi Sir/Madam, 

    I am embeding our Zendesk support in our App. 

    I've already get iOS code snippet in the Admin center. but when it run in my Xcode, it get below error.  and in demo app, it shows not get connected. could you please check what's wrong ? thank you.


    Login error : Error Domain=com.zendesk.sdk.core Code=1000 "forbidden" UserInfo={description=Only end users are allowed to authenticate with the Mobile SDK, NSLocalizedDescription=forbidden, error=OnlyEndUsersAllowed, HTTP Status code=403}


    in Demo app, "unable to connect" 


  • John Sifely

  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hey John,

    Looks like this has to do with who you allow to authenticate into your Zendesk instance using a username and password. I'd suggest checking your security settings in your admin center to sort this out. 

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