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  • Sebastian Craiovan

    This worked great for me, is it possible to get a weekly average though so I can compare last week to the weekly average?

  • Marco
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Sebastian, thanks for reaching out and great question. Just tested this out and yes you can also do it weekly. This would mean that the formula, instead of it being COUNT(Tickets)/DCOUNT_VALUES([Ticket created - Month]), will be COUNT(Tickets)/DCOUNT_VALUES([Ticket created - Week of year]). Also, since you will be using a smaller date range, then you can also change how much data the average is taken from by changing the "Date Range" on the Date range calculated metric. Hope this helps. Cheers! 
  • CJ Johnson

    What is the "end date" supposed to be for the "12 month average" metric? That step isn't listed, and "All time" makes the report break, but if I set it to "ended 1 month ago" it's not actually a 12 month rolling average. 

  • Erin O'Callaghan
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi CJ Johnson, excellent question! I tested this out, and it looks like "To the end of: 1 month ago" gives the right number for a 12-month average.* I updated the recipe with that as the end date for the date range calculated metric. 

    *A little more explanation on the 12-month average: "From the beginning of: 12 months in the past" looks back as far as the beginning of the current month in the previous year—meaning, if I run the report today, it looks back as far as May 1, 2021. "To the end of: 1 month in the past" stops at the last day of the previous month (so April 30, 2022 for my example report from today). So that should give you 12 full months of data to calculate the average. 


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