Creating standard calculated metrics and attributes

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  • Jahn Jerenz Bronilla

    Hi Team - trying to create Same Day Resolution (SDR) Metric in Explore however, it seems that some values are not being captured.

    Should be Ticket Created Date = Ticket Solved Date like the below:

    However, there's some result that are incorrect. See sample:

    Here's the calculation I created.

    Can someone help me identify what's wrong with my calculation?

    Thank you

  • Bonnie
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jerenz! It looks like we were able to help you with this question via a ticket. I'll just share the metric my colleague helped you with here, in case anyone else is following along the conversation.

    IF ([Ticket created - Date]=[Ticket solved - Date])
    THEN [Ticket ID]

  • Jahn Jerenz Bronilla

    Hi Bonnie Leib - yes and totally helpful :) Thanks for your help.

  • Gaurav Shar

    Hi ,

    i have created a Group attribute with the agents from our group in the Support-tickets dataset .

    Is there a way i can copy the same in the other datasets .

    i want to use the group attribute as a filter in a dashboard which has different datasets ,so i i have the same attribute in all datasets the i could link and use the attribute.

    Please help!  

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Gaurav,

    You can duplicate an attribute and select which dataset you want to save it to. Here's a sample:

    Note that the attribute will only work if the elements referenced in the formula can also be found (with an identical name) in the other dataset. If, for example, your custom group is based on the native Assignee name attribute, then there should be no issue; in the Backlog dataset though, you may have to edit the copied attribute since "Assignee name" is not available in that dataset.

  • Rebecca Che

    Hi, team. We have a custom field in zendesk support, so when the agent clicks the field, we can see it as true in Explore, else is False. I'm trying to use the calculated metrics to only count the True value as below but the system didn't show any data. any suggestion? 


  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator
    The Humblident Award - 2021

    Hi Rebecca Che,

    Very Close!  Try:

    THEN [ticket id]


  • Catalin

    Hi guys. I'm interested in creating a custom metric to show the timestamp (or time lapsed) for the first internal note on each ticket. This used to be possible in the old system (GoodData) but I can't figure it out in Zendesk Explore. Any ideas please? Many thanks!

  • Saxon Clay

    Hey Catalin, Explore has the 'DATE_FIRST' function that you can use in the Updates dataset to get the first internal comment. 

    IF ([Comment present]=TRUE
    AND [Comment public]=TRUE
    AND [Updater role] != "End-user")
    THEN DATE_FIRST([Update - Timestamp])

    Is what I have for a custom 'First Update' attribute in my instance, changing 'Comment public' to FALSE and adding some separation by Ticket ID (additional column/row) should get what you're looking for.

  • Catalin

    Hey Saxon, thanks a lot for the tip! I managed to get it working. Based on your suggestion, I also found some useful details (that I didn't find before) here:


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