Creating standard calculated metrics and attributes

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  • Jerenz Bronilla

    Hi Team - trying to create Same Day Resolution (SDR) Metric in Explore however, it seems that some values are not being captured.

    Should be Ticket Created Date = Ticket Solved Date like the below:

    However, there's some result that are incorrect. See sample:

    Here's the calculation I created.

    Can someone help me identify what's wrong with my calculation?

    Thank you

  • Bonnie Leib

    Hi Jerenz! It looks like we were able to help you with this question via a ticket. I'll just share the metric my colleague helped you with here, in case anyone else is following along the conversation.

    IF ([Ticket created - Date]=[Ticket solved - Date])
    THEN [Ticket ID]

  • Jerenz Bronilla

    Hi Bonnie Leib - yes and totally helpful :) Thanks for your help.


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