Adding or removing ticket links in emails

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  • Benjamin Han

    How do we stop Zendesk from formatting random strings like `#{my_number}` into Ticket links? We aren't using either `` or ``, but every number with an # is getting converted. We don't want customers to see or have access to these links.

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Benjamin,

    it is expected that hashtags "#" automatically hyperlink any number preceded. 

    I would therefore suggest for you to vote / comment on this already existing Community post about this topic: Use of hashtags in emails
    Our Teams are frequently looking through the posts in order to get ideas on future additions to the Software. The more a votes a post gets, the higher the chance that the feature will be added in the future.
  • Ronald

    While finally setting up my simplified email threading I noticed that the {{ticket.latest_comment_html}} placeholder contains a # with ticket ID after it when it's referring to a follow-up ticket.

    Which results in always showing this in the email threading of a public reply:

    "This is a follow-up to your previous request #1234 "This is a test"


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