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  • Matthias Miltenberger

    Not being able to copy-paste correct Markdown snippets is a major issue. We have defined many custom snippets that are not working correctly anymore due to this bug.

    No one needs this live preview functionality when writing proper Markdown-formatted text - it just makes everything so much harder to edit. In the past, there was a dedicated preview window that rendered the Markdown while you could type the actual text in raw format. This is the only way to use Markdown properly and is an established scheme on many websites hosting technical text (e.g. GitHub, Stackoverflow).

    PLEASE enable a simple raw text editor that does not try to be smart by messing with your text/code during editing.

  • Nick Vincent-Maloney

    Agreed Matthias Miltenberger! Another bonehead move on ZD's part. We already struggle with this silly feature in Jira. MD is such a powerful tool and both these companies are ruining in a failed attempt to make it more user-friendly.

  • Rob Mensching

    Matthias Miltenberger and Nick Vincent-Maloney are both correct. We have very technical support staff that need to respond with very precise formatting. Every single one of them despises the new edit box in ZenDesk. I routinely get requests to move to a new support system because the act of responding to tickets is so frustrating.

    Can we have an option to get a plain text box for use with Markdown? We'd even live without Markdown preview if all the automatic formating options were disabled.

  • Cesar Perez

    Can you pass this via the Ticket API? If so, that would be the syntax for bold? I tried **TEST** and it did not work. Do I need to escape the **? Thanks.

  • Amie Brennan

    hey Cesar Perez

    Could you try with 3x * on either side? 




  • Cesar Perez

    Hi Amie Brennan - Tried it with the *** before and after, but it did not work. I sent it on the JSON as 'comment': {'body': body}, where the body is a variable holding the string. Thanks!

  • Hrishikesh Kokate

    Hey Gab Guinto,

    Sorry to quote you on this, but as per your comment here, API should be able to use HTML formatting. I'm trying to create tickets like:

    "ticket": {
    "comment": {
      "body": "<strong>Test</strong>"
    "requester": {
    "email": ""
    "name": "Example User"

    I'm trying to use an agent's email address + API token to authenticate. Is it possible to use any kind of formatting in this setup?

    Just like Cesar Perez mentions, Markdown doesn't seem to be working either. Is there any way to pass text formatting when creating/updating tickets via API?

  • Chris Fassano

    Hrishikesh Kokate - you'll need to use "html_body:" instead of "body:". 

  • Hrishikesh Kokate

    Oh, I'm so sorry. I totally missed that. html_body works great! Thank you so much!


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