Installing and using the Clone Ticket app

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  • Kaan Sarilar

    We have the free version of this app, when do the clone tickets actually get created? - as i do not get an option to automatically open the tickets on creation?.

  • Adrian Joseph Magboo

    Hi Kaan,


    Good day! The cloned tickets get created when you manually create them by following the steps in this article under Using the app. 

    The option to open the tickets automatically after creation is only available under the Basic plan.

    I hope this helps. 




  • Camilo Gomez

    When using this app could you clone closed tickets into a new opened ticket?

  • Masako K

    I have a request.
    When cloning a ticket, I would like to be able to select the source ticket item as an option.

    I would like to see the date, time, and cloned ticket ID displayed on the source ticket as well.


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