How are calls routed to my agents in Zendesk Talk?

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  • Perla Rimmerman

    I'm experiencing the same problem Shawn describes above. We have an agent that can go online for 40 min or so with or so without receiving ANY calls (we have calls waiting), and all calls are being routed to the other agents, skipping this one. So I have 3 agents frazzled and scrambling to keep up, and one not doing anything. 

    Is there anything that this agent may be doing for this to happen? What would be the things to check in this case?

  • Dion Literato
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Perla,

    We highly advise that you contact our customer support team so that we can take a look at the calls and see what availabilities there were in the system by the time this happened.



  • Erin Lake

    Seeing the same issue that Shawn is, where a person that has recently switched from offline to online will be the next person to receive an incoming call, despite other people that have been online for 30 to 40 minutes, without going away or to transfer mode, and have received no calls so far.

  • Anne Ronalter

    Hello Erin,

    It is indeed strange, that the calls do not seem to get routed correctly.
    Therefore I have opened a ticket on your behalf in order to find out why this is happening.

  • Ksenia Shanyuk


    Following from the above, could I please also get assistance with the same issue. One of my agents always gets the majority of the incoming calls. From what I understand after reading various articles available, I am not able to reroute calls to the agents from the same organisation. 

    Please advise if you require any further information

    Many thanks 

  • Sam Cunningham



    I am having the same issue as those above. One of our agents tends to get the most calls while others sitting online will receive none. We have done testing and the calls will sit waiting in the queue until the top agent is available. 




  • Shawn Dismuke

    I guess my comment was wiped or aged out so just reposting that it's still an issue even now.  We've found that setting ourselves Offline instead of Away tends to alleviate the issue somewhat.  But we'll still see instances of someone who has been offline for awhile, immediately receive a call when they went online, when other people have already been online.  I still say it would be nice to know which Agent is currently up next in the queue whether in the app or via API.  


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