How can I stop receiving email notifications when a ticket is assigned to me?

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  • Jacob the Moderator
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hi Arezoo Khadem

    If you want a notification trigger to make exceptions for certain users, I would recommend adding a condition in the ALL section that says: Contains none of the following tags "no_email", and then add that tag to the users you want to not receive the email.

    I say tag, but it could be a checkbox or other field, you could also call it something else of course. You probably have multiple triggers that send notifications, so keep in mind which you want to make this exception for.

    Hope that helps.

  • Arezoo Khadem


    Is there any way to manage who will receive notifications when a ticket is created? and somehow customize it to block notification for one of the admins?



  • Yeny Lei


    Will these also disable notifications for tickets that I follow? Or just if I am an assignee?

  • Alexander Macko

    Your link is dead. Can you please provide an updated link.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Yeni, 
    Unfortunately, there's no way to disable email notifications to followers. Customizing default email notifications for CCs and followers
    If you'd like, you can leave information about your use case for our product team here: Feedback - Ticketing System (Support).
    Using the template we provide helps ensure our product team has the information they need. Thanks!
  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Alexander, thanks for the heads-up! The link should be working now.
  • Salim Cheurfi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Rico, 
    If I understood well, you want to send notifications only to CC's and not the main requester, unfortunately a notification send by trigger cannot target only the CC. 
    Alternatively, you can create a Webhook that notifies your external end user when your trigger conditions are met. For more information, see the article: Creating webhooks in Admin Center.
    I hope this helps, 
  • BP3


    Your idea of the no_email tag is a great one. I used it to stop sending an email to a user that is actually a ticketing system from a customer of ours. Basically, us sending them a response was causing a loop that resulted in the systems updating each other. So I just shut it down!

    While this fixed the looping updates issue for me, it did introduce another problem. That is that any users that are cc'd on the ticket no longer get emails. 

    The reason this happened is the trigger that sends the email doesn't have a way to break cc'd users away from the requestor. 

    Do you (or does anyone) have any ideas on how I can stop emails from being sent to the originator but continue to send to people on the cc line? 


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