How do I bulk delete organizations and users in Zendesk Support?

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  • Eckhard Doll

    I have a question: why? Why is bulk deleting users so cumbersome?
    I have to use the API to delete them which does not delete them entirely? Okay...
    I have a bulk delete option under "People" that doesn't allow me to search for certain names or email domains? Yes, I can sort per column but for 250,000 users that doesn't really work, does it? And "deleted users" just brings up a list where I can pick one entry at a time? No way to check all and delete all? That view is even more useless. Please tell me that I am missing the obvious here.
    I expect Zendesk to allow us to delete users at least as convenient as we can delete tickets.

  • Jacob Klain

    I agree. 

    This is very poor user experiance.

  • GrowthDot

    Hi Eckhard Doll and Jacob Klain! You can try GDPR Compliance for bulk deleting, anonymizing, and data retrieving. Create as many lists as you wish that meet specific conditions, for example,, and start the process. You can use various conditions types to distinguish exact users or tickets. It's pretty simple and easy to use.

  • Jacob Klain

    GrowthDot, I tried it but it still requires me to select max of 100 users. so if I have 10000 it is not doable.

    What is the difference between that and the bulk user delete zendesk offers in admin. The listing ability?

    How do I delete 6000 orgs?


  • GrowthDot

    Jacob Klain, GDPR Compliance app can process the unlimited ticket quantity, once our client deleted 6 000 000 tickets in one go. Maybe, there were some restrictions turned on or errors occurred.  Please describe your issue to our support managers, as your opinion is valuable for us. They'll kindly help you. Thanks for your feedback.

  • GrowthDot

    Jacob Klain, the listing ability is not the only advantage of GDPR Compliance. Also, you can schedule deleting or anonymizing data using automations and restrict or confirm agents' requests for data processing. By the way, we offer complete credit card numbers anonymizing and data retrieving.

  • Soo Hian Foo

    Hi, we are encountering the same problem of deleting bulk end users and their forum content from our zendesk guide/gather. 

    It's slow and tedious to delete page by page of users, is there another way?


  • Jacob Klain

    I ended up using the GDPR to remove users. That worked great. Have not figured how to do it for organizations.

  • GrowthDot

    Jacob Klain, we'll try to add organization deletion soon if possible. Thanks for the insight.

  • Taylor collins

    I'm seeing in the API documentation it is also limited to 100 organizations at a time. Is that accurate? If we are in a scenario where we'd want thousands of organizations to be deleted, is there a better course of action we can use?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    You can create your own script and create that will perform the API call on specific intervals. Keep in mind that It should also follow the API request limit. You will need to work with your developer for this option.
    In addition, you can access this page, and get in touch with one of our selected partners that will be able to assist you through custom code. In that link, you can see the services offered on the right side, ie. "Development Services"; you can even refine your search as well based on your location.
    You can also contact our paid professional services through this link  and have developers from Zendesk that can build custom codes for you according to your needs.
  • GrowthDot

    Hi, everyone! Now you can delete a few or even all organizations on one go using GDPR Compliance for Zendesk.

  • Wendy Phillips

    Is bulk deleting Organisations something Zendesk are going to work on?  Using an app that has to be paid for is not an option for us and honestly not something we should be expected to do.

    Also, why are there 2 actions to bulk delete users?  We bulk delete them but then have to delete them again but only individually.

    Is this something you are going to work on please?

    It is very frustrating not being able to keep our data clean but just being told to use the API or an app.  I want to be able to do these simple things within the database.

  • Jordan Moore

    Yet again, another think that Zendesk painful got wrong. People have asked for this for years. Create the bulk delete already. What's the hold up?

  • GrowthDot

    Hi Jordan Moore,

    We've created the Purge My Zendesk app only for bulk deletion of tickets, users, and organizations.

  • Jake Warren

    Is there a product enhancement/feedback related to this? I too am finding myself in a situation where I need bulk deletion to be much easier. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Jake - 

    Thanks for asking! Here's the official feature request for bulk deleting users: 

    Bulk end user deletion

    I am not seeing a feature request around bulk deletion for organizations, so if you'd like to start one, here's the product feedback template for that. 

    Here's an answer on how to bulk manage organizations via the API.


  • Claire Booth

    I find this very frustrating and I only have a couple of thousands of end users.

    It would be useful if there was a select and bulk delete function on the Users page for each Organization if adding sort and find features on the bulk delete page is not an option.

    It would also be useful to have a sort feature on the Users page and display more information about them or be able to edit the organization users view to include more detail, e.g. created date, last ticket logged date etc.

    For the DPA 2018 / UK GDPR we need to be able to easily delete people. Other Support Systems used by other companies within our group have this feature, so we may be made to move away from Zendesk. We're only small fry compared to some customers, but this is sort of a deal breaker for us.

    Please note, the link to the Product Feedback Template @NicoleSaunders gave in August last year is a broken link so that's probably why there's no feature request logged. 


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