Are CSAT surveys multi-lingual?

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  • Rajesrawarao Devavarapu

    Hi Waseem,

    Reply given to the customer in the language which is mentioned in the customer profile.


    RajeswaraRao D

  • Waseem Khan


    We have enabled email in Belgium country, since it has 2 languages FR and NL. Can we have the satisfaction rating displayed in both the languages. Currently we are using placeholders and based on the language of the user profile Satisfaction section is displayed in that language. 

    Can we put 2 languages like below for example, which covers both FR and NL languages

    Comment jugeriez-vous l’assistance que vous avez reçue ? / Hoe beoordeelt u de support die u hebt ontvangen?

    Bonne, je suis satisfait(e) /Goed, ik ben tevreden

    Mauvaise, je suis mécontent(e) /Slecht, ik ben ontevreden


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