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  • Dave Tonks

    Just to confirm, the satisfaction ratings in the past 60 days, is that based on the date of the satisfaction submission, or when the associated ticket was created/solved?

  • Christopher Boerger

    Hi is there any plans to allow to opt out automatically of the ticket CSAT survey?

  • Mau
    Hi Dave,
    The satisfaction rating in the past 60 days as described in this topic is based on ratings they've received in the past 60 days.
    Hope this helps!

    How do I fix survey links that aren't working?

    Clicking on the survey links in the email renders a denial error HTTP 403 access denied. 

    The email links appear in the body of the email from this code in the automation: {{satisfaction.rating_section}}

    Code appears correct, but the links aren't working. 

  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Chandler,

    I hope all is well! This error doesn't relate to authentication indeed. The ticket satisfaction value needs to be updated to Offered to the requester to access the CSAT placeholders that provide a link such as `satisfaction.rating_url` within ticket comments. You can use a custom checkbox field and trigger the recipe to set the satisfaction value to offer. You can try to follow this guide in order to implement that. 

    I hope this helps!
  • Monika Kanomata


    Do we have any information about when can users submit CSAT survey results? (Any durations for users to submit CSAT) I couldn't find this information in this article so hopefully someone could answer this.



  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Monika,
    Generally, CSAT surveys are sent via Automation, a number of hours after the ticket's status has been set to Solved. The conditions for when the surveys are sent are configurable by you, but by default it's set to roughly 24 hours after the ticket has been solved. From that point until the ticket's status is set to Closed, the requester can respond to the survey, or if allowed by your account configuration, log in to your help center, and set the CSAT rating in their ticket directly (in the My Activities section of the help center). By default, Solved tickets are set to Closed status 4 days after the ticket was solved, but that is also configurable -- see Why do solved tickets change to a closed status?
  • Jennifer


    I'm sure this is out there, but I have not been able to find it.  If a ticket was solved by Agent A and received a rating then is subsequently reopened and solved again by Agent B- is it Agent A or Agent B or perhaps both who have the rating assigned to them?

  • Monika Kanomata

    Thanks for the quick response, Dave! It is clear now that until the ticket is closed, users can rate the CSAT survey (based on the configuration). I appreciate sharing the information. 


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