Analyzing your Knowledge or Knowledge Capture app activity

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  • Allison Sargent

    +1 on being able to track the number of times an agent has VIEWED the article while in the KC app. As mentioned above, GA does not track this, and it makes it hard to truly identify the articles with low engagement (which we all use to determine if we should keep or delete internal content)


  • Ben Wanless


    Is it possible to measure the Time to Resolution for Tickets where the Knowledge Capture link was used?

    I would like to compare this to the overall Time to Resolution for tickets where it wasn't used to see if this feature helps solve tickets faster.

  • Kuldeep Patidar

    Hello everyone,

    I don't believe this question has been asked yet, but if it had and I overlooked it I apologize.

    I would like to create a custom query to see when external HelpCenter articles are edited.

    I’m trying to create on Zendesk Explore weekly alerts to review the US external Help Center article updated.

    I try different queries, but I’m only able to find when an article is created/ published or linked to Zendesk ticket.

    Can anyone please assist me to create alerts or weekly list of "Edited Articles", so we can be aware of when an article is updated?

    NOTE: Currently, I'm having "Guide Legacy' plan.



  • Daniel Borrego
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi @...,

    Unfortunately, this is something that currently cannot be built in a single query.
    Knowledge capture uses the Guide: knowledge capture dataset, while for reporting on resolution time you should use the Support: Tickets dataset.

    Combine 2 different datasets in a single query is not something possible and the Knowledge base app doesn't add any tag to the ticket for making it possible to see these tickets in the Support dataset.

    You could create 2 Queries one for identifying the Knowledge Capture tickets and one for resolution and add them to a Dashboard but can't cross their information.

    I am sorry this is not the answer you were hoping for, but please provide your feedback to our Product team, so they can work on that in the future.

  • Daniel Borrego
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi @...,

    If I understood it correctly you would like to see every edit/update done in each article of your help centre.

    For doing it I would advise you to create a new query using the Guide: team publishing dataset.

    Something that can be a little confusing is what metrics and attributes you should select. For metric, I would advise you to use Article edited metric.

    Under rows, I selected 3 attributes: Event type, Agent name and Event Date.

    Heads up, Article edit will show under Translation edited (even if it is not a translation of your original article, but the original article itself) If you only want to see updates on it, you can filter Event Type to only show Translation edited.

    If you have any problem setting it up, please send us a ticket and we will look into it.


  • Kuldeep Patidar

    Hi Daniel - that worked thank you so much!

  • Andrew Salter

    I made a feedback post about this, but since we use Guide as an internal knowledge base, it takes too many steps to add an article link internally, save, and get back to the ticket, so none of our agents are doing it and our reporting is useless :(

  • Mark Warnock

    Hi - Is there a report that shows me:

    • User views for a specific Guide article AND
    • Of those views which users subsequently created a support ticket AND IF POSSIBLE
    • Of those that created the support ticket, what tickets they were (or any other macro level stat on that cohort of tickets created)

    This helps us understand the reduction effect that an article has through self-service. Additionally, where users are creating a ticket, how we can identify their actual query.

    Any help or advice is welcome...thanks :)

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey @...! While our Knowledge base dataset in Explore can provide insight into article views, tracking the subsequent actions taken from the articles is not yet something that is tracked in Explore. I encourage you to add your idea as a post to our Feedback on Explore community page. 

    I would also recommend checking out the options with Google Analytics. Here are our main articles about using Google Analytics, with Part 3 being the most relevant to your question. 


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