Standardizing your outbound caller ID

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    How do we set our Caller ID on outbound agent calls to display our company name (and different names for individual brands on Multibrand?)

    Our calls are all showing up as "TOLL FREE CALL"

  • John Mannewitz

    Same question as 'pstrauss'. How can I set the caller ID to say our business name and not only the number?


    @... Do you know if there's any answer to my question about Outbound Caller ID?

  • Daniel Heard

    We have multiple numbers that are used for outbound calling from differenet departments. Is there a way to assign a number to a specific group so that they don't have to change the number on the ticket each time to their own departments number?

  • Shannon Pesta
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Daniel! 

    While you can configure automatic routing (either via group routing or IVR set-up), this is for inbound call traffic only. 

    It might be worth noting that when a Talk number is manually selected from within the drop-down options in the call console, outbound calls will default to that number until manually updated again. Hope that helps! 
  • Andrew Chu

    We want that when our customers receiving our calls, it shows as an Unknown number instead of the number. How do we do that?

    Basically a follow up to PAUL STRAUSS 's question 9 months ago

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Andrew, 
    There isn't currently a way to set the outgoing Caller ID within Zendesk – for more information, see Hervin's answer in the comments thread here: Can I change the outbound caller number?
    I don't believe it's currently on our short-term roadmap, so this post in our product feedback forums will be the best place to upvote and comment to let our product team know that this is important to you: Caller ID on outbound calls

    Is there any way - even if it requires custom app development - to automatically set an outbound number based on the selected brand? We have separate outbound numbers for each of our brands, and agents are often selecting the wrong one when making outbound calls or doing warm transfers.

    I didn't see anything obvious in the API docs for doing this. Ideally, it would be as simple as a trigger that sets the outbound number based on the ticket brand. Or even better, just have talk automatically assign the outbound line based on the brand the number is associated with.

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Paul,
    When making a call from a ticket, Talk uses a line of the same brand associated with the ticket as the outbound number (if available). Talk always uses a line associated with the ticket brand, usually the one called by the caller. If the line called by the caller is not available or enabled for outbound calls (for example if it has been deleted or disabled) or it no longer belongs to the ticket brand, Talk uses the next available line of the same brand (the first line of the same brand in the lines list). 
    You can also read more about this in the article Making an outbound call

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