Creating custom Chat roles and assigning users

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  • Paul Simpson

    Is there a solution for those who have migrated the chat to Zendesk Support (Departments = Groups)?

    The custom roles you are creating are not available through Zendesk Roles and access page. There are just 2 options admin and agent.

    I have assigned custom roles to agents several times now. However, the next day they are again assigned per Zendesk Admin rules.

  • DJ Buenavista Jr.
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Paul,
    The custom roles created and assigned to agents in Support are different from Zendesk chat roles. They are different custom roles, once you have created a custom role in Support, you need to manually assign them to agents from the Admin Center. 
    You can check our article, Creating custom roles and assigning agents for more information about this.

    Kind regards,

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