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  • Nicky Clark

    Is there a way to disable or reduce fuzzy search? We have clients complaining that they struggle to figure out which articles are helpful to them because the search results return so many possible matches, and they feel overwhelmed. 

    A good example is that I just searched for "gender" and had 34 possible matches returned. Only 2 of our articles actually contain the word gender - the rest were all matching on terms like "general", "generally" and "generated". 

    I understand the intent of fuzzy search and can see how it's picked up those terms, but for our users, it's creating noise more than being helpful. 

  • Jarl Frode Arntzen

    Is there a way to disable or reduce fuzzy search?

    We have the same issue here as well as an related issue.

    If our customers search for the word "workflow" we get maybe 10 results while if they search for "workflow group" you would expect them to get fewer results where all must contain both words but instead we get 28 results where the articles contain just one of the words. So the search do not work with an implicit AND operator between the search words but instead use implicit OR.

    Effectively, this yields our documentation kinda useless and we're currently looking for alternatives to Zendesk Guide.

    Please advice.

  • Laura Mayer-Sommer

    How far does stemming go? Is it pretty much limited to standard prefixes/suffixes (de-, re-, un-, -ing, -ed) or will things like info/information and config/configuration match?


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