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  • Nadav Shamgar


    Is there an easy way of displaying the "folder" name of a dropdown field in the agent workspace?
    For example, if the About field has the following options:

    • Billing::Payment
    • Billing::Other
    • Subscription::Registering
    • Subscription::Other

    Now if "Subscription::Other" is selected, the field will only show "Other" and it will be hard to distinguish what's the main topic.
    This is also true for your example with 200 options, since not every specific option is easy to understand what's its folder.

    Also this goes to reporting that will show the full name (with colon) and for triggers where I would like to use a condition according to an entire folder.

    Is there any way of achieving this without creating a separate read-only field for the folder with many triggers (that need maintenance whenever something is added/changed) to change the folder field according to the About field?


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Nadav,
    What you could do is edit the field values to include the category name in the name of your items. 
    For example:
    • Billing::Billing/Payment
    • Billing::Billing/Other
    • Subscription::Subscription/Registering
    • Subscription::Subscription/Other
    That way the field will show as "Billing/Payment", etc.
    Editing the field names, once they've been previously saved, won't affect the tags associated with each value, so changing the names won't adversely affect any reporting or triggers, views, macros etc. that may use that value.
  • Nadav Shamgar

    Thank you @...,
    this will indeed solve the visual part of the issue.

    However, if I want to create triggers based on the folder name, is there an easy method of doing so?
    For example, if topic is Billing - assign ticket to Accounting group.
    The only method I can think of is creating that read-only "topic folder" field and creating triggers that will populate it according to which sub-topic was selected (which means a condition for each of the 200 options, and if we add any later on, we have to remember to update those triggers).

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Nadav,
    You're correct, it's true that triggers won't be able to make use of the "folder" name, so that in triggers you'd need to list each folder option as a condition (using the "Meet any of the following conditions" feature). 
    That being the case, another option could be to use Conditional Fields. In that case, you'd have one dropdown with the "folder" options, and then separate fields for each "folder" option, each of which would only be displayed when its associated folder option was chosen: Creating conditional ticket fields
    I think no matter which route you go, there's going to be some maintenance required. 
  • Nadav Shamgar

    Thank you for the answer, Dave.
    The issue with conditional fields is that we would need a different field per folder.
    This means that if the About field for example has 10 topics, this means 10 custom fields.
    This affects also the complexity of reporting later on (complicated formulas etc.)

    I hope there would be a better solution for this in the future.

    Thank you.


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