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  • Bobby Koch

    This is great - how would we "delay" the random list of tickets? Every time i refresh the page, the tickets re-randomize. Could I bake in a time delay to only refresh once every hour?

  • Maude Joly

    Hi Bobby, 

    It's not possible to "freeze" the results for a certain amount of time while refreshing.
    Performing a refresh means that the function runs again, giving a new set of random data. 

    One thing that I can advise here, is to export your query the first time you run it. By doing this you'll be able to have that results saved and go back to it whenever you want to. 

    Hope that helps! :) 

  • Bobby Koch

    Hiya Maude Joly! thanks for the reply - appreciate you. 

    I think where this turns into an issue is with email deliverability. We have a group of team leads that are supposed to audit these tickets, but we need them to all receive the same tickets, without creating a group. right now, if I set a schedule to send to you and me (not tied to a group) it will generate two completely separate lists of tickets. Just some feedback as it would be nice to be able to randomize on a schedule to avoid inconsistencies. i am sure there is a counter argument as well! 


    Cheers, Bobby

  • Gerald J

    Is there a way that I can extract or limit the number of random tickets? for example I want to only get 10% of the total solved for the week


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