Data refresh intervals for Explore reporting

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  • Juli Hackenberger

    For the comment stating " If there are no queries or dashboards accessed in Explore for more than 30 days, the data refresh interval is automatically changed to weekly. When at least one query is accessed, the data refresh interval is restored to normal." What is defined as accessed in Explore? Does a query emailed out via a dashboard that is on a schedule count as accessing in Explore or does someone need to log into Explore at least once every 30 days?

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Juli!
    Yes, Having a dashboard scheduled and sent also counts as accessed in Explore.
  • Kevin Vidales Buzo

    in explore there is an option to schedule an automatic refresh of the data to be sent to my organizational e-mail account, but it only allows me to send it in 30 minute intervals, how can I schedule it to be sent in 15 minute intervals?

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Kevin,

    Currently, it is only possible to set business hours only at half-hour intervals. There isn't an option yet to set 15-minute intervals.

    Note that the scheduled time isn’t exactly the same as the delivery time. The scheduled time of a dashboard is the point in time at which the dashboard’s reports are calculated using the data that's currently synced in Explore. Meaning, if you schedule a dashboard for 9 AM, recipients might not get the dashboard until sometime after 9 AM, but the reports they see when they do get the dashboard will reflect the data that existed in Explore as of 9 AM.

    For complex reports or large sets of data, it might take some time for the data to be calculated and sent before the dashboard reaches recipients.

    Note: If you're scheduling a dashboard that should return data for the entire previous day, make sure to schedule it for 2 AM or later. Explore's data sync can take up to two hours to complete, so scheduling your delivery for 2 AM ensures that the previous day's data has fully synced before the dashboard is sent.

    With regards to having a 15-minute interval as an additional option, I recommend that you start a post about this on our Feedback - Reporting and analytics (Explore). Our Product Managers actively monitor our feedback threads, and conversations with high user engagement ultimately get flagged by the team for roadmap planning. You can use the Product Feedback Post Template. Thank you!
  • 000000 Danjoint

    Is there a way to see when my data was last refreshed? We have Explore Enterprise. My understanding is it refreshes every hour from the time the last refresh ended. How can we see when that was? Thanks!

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Jamie, yes -- if you go to the Report editor (either be selecting an already existing report, or by starting to create a new one), it will show you when the dataset that report uses was last updated in the upper left of the editor window (right above Metrics).
  • Rina

    Any chance we can get some data in response to 000000 Danjoint 's point here? My team are relying on the hourly report in Explore to establish whether targets are getting met - however frequently they are not reliably seeing updates within a timely manner, so it's not possible to know until the day following. Hope you can help!

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Katrina! You may check that by going to the report itself. Each dataset has its own refresh interval. Please see the attached screenshot.

  • Rina

    Elaine Hi there! Sorry I didnt' make myself clear - we have a dashboard, but I don't know from what report/ or dataset the dashboard originates. How do I find that out, to then check the 'last updated' part. I believe the Dashboard was made by Zendesk as a Beta test a while ago, and it's linked to Live data


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