Using content blocks in translated articles

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  • Andrea Rodriguez (CD Baby)

    Is there any update on the ability to just have one content block get translated across all articles? We currently support 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese). We find it extremely cumbersome to have to create three content blocks per article. Not only that, we have to update all content blocks in English, publish and update Spanish, publish, then Portuguese and publish.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Andrea,
    I don't see an update in the Guide Knowledge Management Roadmap here: Guide: Knowledge Management roadmap
    I'd recommend upvoting and adding your use case to this product feedback thread: Content Blocks Translations
  • Michael Lorch

    Andrea Rodriguez (CD Baby) I feel for you on this one. Our help center supports 15 LANGUAGES!!!! This is not really manageable to maintain tbh. Hopefully an update will come soon.

  • Eike Thiele

    the possibility to use dynamic content would be very helpful as well. at least for our application.


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