Does Zendesk support CSP headers?

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  • Ron Lane

    For more information, see the article: Does Zendesk support custom code?

    Which leads us to:


    I'd like to customize features in my account that are not natively possible. Does Zendesk support custom code? 


    Zendesk does not support or guarantee custom code. If you add any customizations to your account and need assistance, post any issues you have in the Community or try searching for a solution online.

    For a full list of resources, see the article: Support developer resources.

  • Ron Lane

    Is a more pointed prescribed solution available?

  • Shannon Pesta
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ron! 
    While custom code is possible, it is not supported. Sadly, we do not have any scripts or recipes to achieve this. If you'd like to add your own CSP headers, this would fall on you and/or your Developer team to achieve. Hope that helps clear things up! 

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