How to send auto-response to CCs


  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

  • Kyle DuPont

    Hello, this auto-response trigger does not seem to work for me. Looking at my events in the ticket I can see...

    1. 3rd party gets added as CC via another trigger (
    2. 2nd trigger fires and auto adds a comment but does not send cc email (I can confirm that they are cc'd properly)
    3. 3rd event is me manually adding a comment and it showing the cc email being sent.

    Any ideas?


  • Rob Baker

    This isn't working for us either.  Only difference is that we are using an internal note so only agents on the CC list are notified of the ticket creation and the requester does not get a duplicate notification.  The internal note set through the webservice does not cause the triggers to fire.



  • James Sanford

    Hey All!

    I apologize but the workflow that Andrew has provided here is unsupported as outlined in DO NOT use a trigger and a target to update tickets.

    If this is something you absolutely need for your business then your Target should notify an external server or middleman that is configured to send the API call after a delay to allow sufficient time for Zendesk to finish processing all ticket updates.  

    The CC notification for the ticket update will not occur as a result of a Trigger and is configured under Admin > Settings > Tickets > CCs.  CC notifications are generated whenever a party with a Role that allows for that comment type are CC'ed on the ticket when it is updated. Private comments will only be sent to Agents that are CC'ed and Public comments will be sent to both Agents and end-users that are CC'ed.


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