Request to get 'Variable filters' working in Explore


  • Vincent Dollet
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    Hi Tim,

    Many thanks for reaching out.

    Good news - we've started looking into the best ways that would enable you to create, share and distribute individual dashboards which will help agents improve by having a better understanding of their own performance over time vs an aggregate of their team.

    This means that the data rendered in live / scheduled dashboards would automatically adjust based on the recipient / consumer.

    While I definitely see this as a critical capability - we don't have a firm timeline as of yet. We'll communicate as soon as we have more information. Thanks for your continued patience

  • Tim Grimshaw
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    Good to know - and thanks for reaching out Vincent!! 

    Let me know if you need any volunteers for pilot / beta etc :) Would be happy to do that!

  • Jorge Hueso
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    Hi there,

    We would be also very interested in this feature. With use the the 'Insights variables' to adapt the information shown in our reports depending on the group, the agent was assigned to. This ease the creation and management of reports extremely, since the reports could be shared by all agents.

    Well, I am following this request. I hope you plan this feature in Explore soon!

    Thanks and best regards,

  • Jesse Asklund
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    I'm happy that this is being looked into and hope that it becomes a high priority to get into Explore. We're in the process of transitioning to ZenDesk and not having the ability for agents to have their own dashboard (without creating individual dashboards for 60+ people) is a feature decline from what we've had in our legacy system.

    Agents love to see their own stats on a consistent basis, is there any timeline on this as of yet (asking again because the last staff update here was 5 months ago)?

  • Carl Cassar
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    We would also be very interested in this feature!

  • Vincent Dollet
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    Hi Jesse, Carl,

    Thanks for showing your interest in this feature. This is a candidate for 2020. We will be sharing more information as plans firm up.

    Many thanks for your patience,

    Kind regards



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