Calculating First Update Time after ticket was re-assigned to another group


  • CJ Johnson

    This is on my list to figure out for my own team this week, I'm hoping I can do something with a custom formula and the updates set, but it would be extremely nice to be able to see first reply time from the time assigned to the group that replied, natively, without a custom metric. 

  • Ray Van Voorhis

    Plus one to this request. Would be amazing to have a default way to measure 'first reply time' after group station has been changed (duration from group change to first agent public response). I'm looking through custom attribute articles and can't find any solutions there either unfortunately. 

    Our use cases include tiered agent levels and tickets moved between teams within Zendesk. Managers of those teams would love to be able to see their agents' 'first reply' time to track performance. 

  • CJ Johnson

    Huge plus one, I tried every way I could think of, and for my use case, Support even confirmed it's impossible for me calculate this with what's currently available.

  • Prakriti

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has been able to create a custom query for this?


  • Stephen Gallagher

    CJ Johnson Do you think you managed to get close with any of your efforts? And would you be willing to share them?

    Big plus one from me too - very interested in getting something in place and I'm surprised there isn't more interest.

    My current thoughts are if it was possible to define 2 different events and get their timestamps, the DATE_DIFF function could be used.

    1. Event 1 - when a ticket is assigned to a specific individual or group, get timestamp.
    2. Event 2 - when a ticket is first updated (reply, changed state, reassigned) by that individual/group, get timestamp.
    3. Calculated Metric - DATE_DIFF(Event 2, Event 1, "nb_of_hours").

    I'm new to Explore so I'm not sure if that is possible...

  • Whitney Votaw

    Plus one! This is huge to see how quickly (or not) escalation teams are taking action.

  • James Hartley

    +1 to this as well! It's been a few months, has anyone managed to do this with a custom calculation?

  • CJ Johnson

    Considering that some feature requests on this forum are at 8+ of years of "planned" and Zendesk hasn't rolled them out and won't respond to requests for updates, I wouldn't hold my breath.  This isn't possible because of limitations to calculations on the reporting platform. You would need to DATE_DIFF two custom formula date attributes which doesn't work.  Despite this being possible in the product that Explore replaced, Zendesk doesn't consider that this silently fails to calculate, a bug so it's been filed as a feature request:

  • Irina Gorelik

    Plus one to this. I feel like there could, in general, be more metrics that are more conducive to tiered support. 

  • Max Nason

    +1 to this post, it would be great to be able to do this calculation, it would help us in building a more accurate reporting.


  • Stephen

    +1 this would be a great feature to have.


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