Is it possible to have sub groups within a request form?


  • Mikkel Linnebjerg

    Hi Edwin!

    Based on what you describe I believe that you would actually be able to acchive this through the use of Conditional Fields.

    You can have a ticket-field at the top of your request form that would ask; "what type of user are you?" and based on the value selected by the user, different ticket fields could be shown (e.g. a ticket field like "employee ID" would only be shown when the "employee" is selected in the "what type of user are you?"-field, and a ticket field like "membership number" would only be shown when the "customer" is selected.

    Please let me know if this helped you with your problem. Otherwise, please let me know.   

    #helpsome regards,
    Mikkel Linnebjerg
    Zendesk Consultant @


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