Feature Request: Specify Legend height at the top and bottom of visualisations


  • Rockford Hipp

    I have been running into this recently. I want to place side-by-side pies on a dashboard and specify the height of the legend. Melanie's suggestion would be a nice feature to have for dashboarding.

  • Sylvia Moon

    Yes! This is a must! I was shocked to find that this isn't already possible.

  • Kristin Bouveng

    Agree on this - it's such a shame you can't change the height of the value, or make it 'responsive' so it automatically makes all values fit on the screen without having to change the size manually. It's not at all apparent that there are more values hiding unless you scroll, and it's not easy to see that it's scrollable either.

    When exported, it just truncates it completely. 

  • Kai Schmitte

    The real problem is when the data is used outside of Zendesk.
    Like an export or the need to show the data in a presentation. 

    Here the scrolling possibility can't be used. 

    Please take the need to have more legend options into consideration. 


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