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  • Diogo Maciel
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    Hi Seoj!

    Your automations are located in your Admin >> Automations page. You can get an export of your automations via API, the documentation will follow below. There is no native way to know what groups are using automations, as automations are not "used" by anyone specific. They are configurations set account wide, which can be configured to act in specific tickets of specific groups. If you need to track that moving forward I suggest changing these automations to also add a tag to the ticket. That way you can report on tags via Explore to see where these automations fire.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards, Atenciosamente 
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  • Support

    I really do not think this is good enough when it comes to automation activity - there should be a standard log / report available centrally. I hope Zendesk resolves this soon and could easily be inspired by others tools such as which do this as standard.


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