Knowledge Capture App: Customizing preview (what data is displayed)


  • Kelsey Davis

    This would be helpful for us too, and I don't know if this comes in as related (as it's uploaded in the same panel that labels are), but there is nothing that shows that a pdf is attached in the KC preview. A workaround would be adding a label that says "pdf" which may help if visible as above. But ideally there should be something showing a pdf is included on it.

  • Allart Jensen

    Our team would benefit from some kind of internal note being attached to the article as well. Something other than labels because details behind certain actions/formatting cannot be translated into labels well.

    I hope to see this as a feature in the near future. I have seen it in other KB delivery platforms and was shocked to see it didn't exist in Zendesk.

  • Sorin Alupoaie

    Hi all,
    We've been working on an app lately that is planning to address the preview limitations mentioned in this thread. The app is available on Zendesk's apps marketplace and you can give it a free try here.


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