Need data connector between Zendesk and Google Data Studio


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Niklas - 

    Can you tell us more about what data you're wishing to pull that you can't currently? 

    We'll also keep your post open so that other users who need this can up vote your request and add their own comments. This helps us gauge need and interest. 

    Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  • Manas Prakash

    Zendesk Data Connector is now available as a Google Sheets add-on. With a new data connector, you can now import and analyse data from Zendesk in Google Sheets. The G Suite Marketplace now has this add-on accessible. 

    What should you do first?
    Administrators: You'll need to whitelist the Zendesk add-on for your organisation if you enable users to instal only whitelisted apps from the G Suite Marketplace.
    End users include: Install the Zendesk data connector from the G Suite Marketplace, and learn more about using the Zendesk data connector in Google Sheets by visiting our Help Center.


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