Quick Call Function picks randomly numbers for Outbound call

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    Joey Barrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Christoph,

    Thanks for reaching out and Happy New Year!

    "After researching internally and testing this further, this seems to take place exclusively in tickets where you use the quick call option, if you use the quick call option to do an outbound call the system will automatically switch to either the number used to place the first outbound call or the number where the call was initially received on.

    What is described above is expected behaviour. I understand that this is not what you would like to happen, but right now the logic we have implemented for an outbound call is as described above.

    I will note you're feedback, and if we are implementing a new feature relating to outbound dialling we will have that to refer to.

    The behaviour you desire is not something we are currently exploring.


  • Tobias Hermanns



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