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  • Jorge Moreno

    Forgot to add: the moment the ticket is is tagged, it is also escalated, so any of those two actions would work to start counting

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jorge,

    Unfortunately, for tickets tags, it is not possible in Explore to report on the dates/timestamps of when a tag was added, unless it is value tag associated with a ticket field. But, here's a workaround that you can explore:

    If the tag is added whenever the ticket is escalated, then you may be able to build a custom attribute around the the assignee/group update. You can follow this article to build a similar date attribute - Explore recipe: Tracking ticket assigns across groups. Note that this report should be under the Ticket updates dataset.

    You'll then need to create another custom attribute for the first public agent comment. You can refer to this article about earliest date functions: Working with earliest and latest date functions. You can try building your custom attribute to pull up the timestamp of the agent comment that you need to reference in your calculation.

    Once you've set up the two date attributes, you can then use the DATE_DIFF function to measure the duration between the two timestamps Example: DATE_DIFF([First reply timestamp attribute],[Ticket tag timestamp attribute],"nb_of_days")

    Hope this helps. Thanks Jorge!


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