Unexpected behaviour of query filters and dashboard filters


  • CJ Johnson

    You will need to select the query you don't want the Dashboard level filter to apply to, go into it's "Exclude Filters" settings, and make sure to check off "Created at - Date". That will prevent the filter on the Dashboard from applying to that specific metric. 

    Here's some documentation around excluding filters on the Dashboard: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408846768026-Best-practices-for-using-dashboard-filters#h_9b64cfc6-4559-4ca9-a15d-f740441bc58e

  • Riccardo Centomo

    Hi CJ Johnson, thanks for the reply.

    I know there is the opportunity to exclude some dashboard filters but my purpose is to not exclude them and understand how the query filters and the dashboard filters interact in some manner..

    As you can see the same filter in the dashboard have different result with different filter in the same query, also if the logic in the filter of the query should be practically the same..


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