Messaging- Ability to see the free-text messages that an end-user sent to answer bot


  • jason seattle_gov

    This is a great suggestion.

    Would be helpful in understanding the stats on how many users engaged with the bot and how many of those engaged with agents through the bot. 

    Would also be great if we could see the chat triggers in the events section of tickets like we can see with support triggers. Having them in two separate places is bad enough, but not seeing when and how they fire is a real bummer. 

  • sarah aasland

    update: I came across the 'answer enquiry' attribute (in the Answer Bot data set) and am able to report on this now!



  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Nice work, sarah!
  • Daniel Aron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sarah, thanks for the feedback! Just to clarify, are you referring to the free-text messages sent to the bot with messaging (i.e. configured through Flow Builder)? If so, I don't believe you'd be getting the full picture using the Answer Bot Article Recommendations dataset. This would only show messages that the bot was not able to match to a relevant step in the flow and hence fell back to an article search. However, the good news is that we plan on providing full visibility of free text messages sent to the bot via the Flow Builder dataset and dashboard later this year.

  • Shayan Moussawi

    Hello @Daniel Aron,

    Could you elaborate on what the answer enquiry/article recommendation answer bot dataset shows specifically, combined with the new way flow builder works?

    Would the current dataset also display search queries that answer bot wasn’t able to match to a specific Flow based on intent? Or just search queries within a flow, that did not match the shortcut?

    Also what would be the ETA for the new dataset?


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