Update allowlist/blocklist via API


  • Konstantin

    JD Trout,

    Curiosity question: Do your customers (that you onboard) login to any other systems that your company manages/maintains? I only ask, as Single Sign-On (SSO) might be a better option to solve your "pain".

    With security being a big concern for most companies and their customers, I highly recommend this method, but definitely understand if this is not a good option for you. Just in case, you can read more about Zendesk's Single Sign-On options by clicking on the hyperlinked text.

    To clarify a bit more on how this works, my company has both forms of SSO enabled, as we utilize one service for our Agents/Employees, and the other for our customers that login to our product portal. We use our product portal as the primary customer portal and authenticator, and Zendesk uses that to validate they are allowed to generate tickets and access the portal in Zendesk.


  • JD Trout

    Hello Konstantin,

    The software that we deploy allows the user to create local accounts or leverage their own SSO. The request that I am making is when they run into an issue they will email support@myco.com, not necessarily try and log in and create a ticket. Therefore, I would like to allow any email coming from the customer's domain to be accepted.


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