Feature Request: Pre-set drill-in templates for Reports


  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hey Amie, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. This has been logged for our PM team to review. For others who may be interested in this feature request, please add your support by upvoting this post and/or adding your use case to the comments below. Thank you again!
  • Peter Godden

    This would be great! The reason why I drill into reports is to check the ticket IDs that make up a particular bar or section. Checking the IDs allows me confirm if a particular report is showing me the correct data. However, everytime I have to search for the ticket ID, then upon selecting it totally transforms the chart in a way that makes it really hard to decipher the actual IDs. What I really need is just a popup modal showing a table that lists the ticket IDs, their subjects and maybe a couple of attributes depending on the use case.


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