Custom drop down ticket field autocomplete in Guide form

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    Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Riccardo Centomo, thank you for your feedback!
    I have taken note of your feedback and will take it into account for roadmap planning, however at this point I can't say when we may add this feature.


  • Sheldon Grimm


    We've had many stakeholders request this functionality with some of our longer dropdown options. Nesting can help alleviate some endless scrolling but comes with trade-offs and only helps dropdown lists with categorical options. 

  • Alan

    +1. This would be incredibly helpful for some of our form fields.

  • David Gómez Saavedra

    Any updates about this request?


  • Heros

    Need this

  • Regina Pratscher

    +1 We would appreciate having autocomplete.

  • Afton Rupert

    +1 could really use this functionality!

  • Heros

    Ya pasarón 2 años y hasta ahora no lo implementan.  


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