Use agent user fields as trigger conditions

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  • Kristian Tungland

    I agree! Have tried to find a way to do this - but it is not possible. It's either manual work for admin (updating trigger with the specific agent who does not want it) or agent (filter email). 

  • Svetlozar Draganov

    Triggers on User Fields could be used on various scenarios, so this feature would be very helpful.

  • Bo Rott

    This feature would be extremely useful in a variety of scenarios. Adding the ability within Automations as well would be ideal. Currently trying to workaround this as Kristian Tungland mentioned, and it could be as simple as a few button clicks to accomplish what I'm trying to do if this feature was added/exposed.

  • Joey

    Completely agrees, this causes a lot of manual work. I would like to create views for agents in each office or a view were we group them by the agent office field, which is a custom field on the agent.

    Not having this means we need to manually add 50 agents to a view condition or create 50 individual views. And repeat that for multiple teams.

  • Efrat Barak Zadok

    My use case is: when a ticket is auto-closed due to non response - there is a trigger sent to the agent/assignee to fill in missing mandatory fields. 
    I want the team lead for this agent to this update as well but as of now - all of my team leads are getting this notification (even when it is not their tea members ) since I do not want to create this trigger per specific agent name


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