O que é o Sunshine Conversations e como ele funciona?

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  • Michelle França

    Vimos que para integrar o lista de conversa, precisamos criar uma conta no Sunshine, mas não conseguimos criar, como devemos proceder?


  • Clément Masschelin
    Hello there,
    Zendesk Suite now comes with its own Sunshine conversations implementation. You can now access most of the features offered by sunshine conversation from your Zendesk instance.
    The main difference here is that your Zendesk instance does not include the sunshine conversations dashboard and all the request must be done through the API.
    More about sunshine conversations : https://docs.smooch.io/guide/
    Sunshine conversations API documentation : https://docs.smooch.io/rest/
    You can download the API collections from here -> https://docs.smooch.io/guide/postman-collection/#postman-collection
    (Using the Sunshine Conversations API requires technical knowledge and a Eng. Team)
    In order to access the API, you can generate access token in your Agent Workspace admin center :

    This might be a lot to digest at first so if you have any specific question , feel free to ask.
    Kind regards

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