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  • Jenny Gillett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Andy, 

    Thanks for your questions, can you expand on what data you are looking to report on so we can better guide you?

    From the Talk/Usage Charges Tab in Admin Center, you can export your text usage, this will give you all your call and text usage for the period selected, it includes data like text charges, to and from numbers, date, message id etc

    For report through Explore, please see these articles:

    Hope that helps



  • Andy Schulz

    Thank you Jenny. I'm referring to text message detail, down to each text that was sent. I'd like to be able to analyze which outbound phone numbers have sent which texts, which group each ticket belongs to, and result of each text (delivered, undelivered, etc.). It seems that this level of detail is not available via Explore and I am not able to export that kind of data directly. I have to currently copy and paste from the location I mentioned.

    My request would be to have this data available to report on in Explore.


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