Different Macro Behavior Based on Conditions ("Dynamic" Macros)

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  • Edwin Schukking

    Hi @... ,

    I understand from your text that the agents need to select a macro manually. 

    I think what you are requesting are conditional macros and this would imo considerably change the way we currently setup Zendesk.

    Instead, and I assumed here that your agents would need to select the macro manually, have you considered the use of a trigger or automation instead? 

    Kind regards,

  • yanko.chakarov

    Hi Edwin,

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    The issue with it is that with triggers or automations we would automatically send the Side Conversation - while we just want the "To" field pre-filled (with different recipients, based on a condition, in our case - tags) and then agents should have the ability to fill the description of the Side Conversation with the details that are specific to each individual case.

    Thanks again.



  • Atanas Tomov

    +1 on this. We would like to see this functionality as well as it will improve agent experience and efficiency


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