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    Teena Luhadiya

    Hi, do private tickets included in Insights metrics for the user or organization? If yes, is there a way to exclude them using a filter? 

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    Daniel Yousaf

    Hi Teena,

    Yes, Insights metrics can see private tickets, and there are filters that can exclude private tickets from a report!  The filter "public comment" is "true" should exclude private tickets, as they have no public comments. If you have questions about a specific use case, please feel free to call or email our customer service team - they'll be able to assist further.

    Thanks for the question!

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    onlineiq | ursh richards

    My agents do not seem to receive notifications when a private comment is made on a ticket. Can you point me in the right direction to rectify this?

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    Nicole Relyea

    Hey Ursh - 

    Sounds like we need to do some troubleshooting. If your agents are assigned to a ticket or cc'd on it, they should be receiving notifications on private comments. 

    Are you using the default triggers from Zendesk, or have you customized those? It's possible the trigger to send these notifications was accidentally disabled. 

    I would start by checking your triggers. In case you need info on the default triggers, here's a helpful article: 

    About the Zendesk Support default triggers

    Take a look and a read, and let us know if that solves it or if other questions come up. 


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