How are users' languages set in Support?

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  • Anil Kumar (Community Member)
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    Hello Danielle,

    This is very useful content to understand the languages in Support.

    I have a question regarding User's language and Additional Languages could you please help me to understand that.

    As we can see that there are 60+ languages in Setting->Account->Localization BUT those all language are not listed while editing a user's language.

    Is there any reason for that or some steps we need to follow to show all languages in user edit section.

    Example: Suppose we have to set Arabic language(not listed) for a user/agent, how could we achieve that in support?

    Thanks in advance

  • Anil Kumar (Community Member)
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    Hi Danielle, I got my answer here

    Language codes for Zendesk-supported languages

    List Locales for Agent


    Thanks anyways

  • Ed Ball
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    Is it possible to set the users language when submitting a ticket via API?

  • Jessie Schutz
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    Hi Ed!

    I'm by no means an API expert, so I'm not sure whether you'd be able to actually do it at the exact time that a ticket is created via API, but there's a User endpointlocale_id, that sets the User's language. So if you can incorporate that into the API call, that should get you taken care of!

  • Alex Clausen
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    Hi, can't an end-user change his/her user language via Zendesk Guide?


    I would imagine that they would be able to change it via "Edit my setting" 


    Can it be that only agents can change an end-users language via the Zendesk Support interface or am I missing something?

    Our Zendesk Support and Guide  is currently setup to support Danish and English


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