Using labels on your Help Center articles (Guide Professional and Enterprise)

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  • James Bednar

    Are there any specific restrictions with regards to tag length or content?  Minimum lengths, certain characters not accepted?

    Occasionally run into an issue where certain abbreviations aren't accepted when you click "Add as new label".



  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey James - 

    There aren't any specific restrictions; we did some testing internally with different characters and lengths down to a single character without problem. Can you provide us an example of what you're running into? 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey James - 

    I ran into this problem while testing something else related to labels earlier today. You have to make sure there's a space afterward. Try that and let me know if it solves the problem!

  • Tammy Nasu Salguero

    Regarding limiting the number of labels, how many labels are too many? We recently imported articles, and the article keywords were imported as labels, but perhaps this should not have been done.

  • Jennifer Rowe

    No, sorry Tammy. I asked the team the same question, but they said they haven't found a magic number for when it becomes too many.

  • Stephanie

    I have an article where I put the label "add user" "adding user" "add" and when I search using these keywords in our help center, the articles I labeled don't even show up. A completely unrelated article actually gets listed in the result. What's up with that?

  • Stephanie

    Is anyone able to find out why I'm having this happen to my articles? Labels are definitely funky and not working the way I want them to.

  • Molly VS

    Hey Stephanie,

    I see this is your first couple of posts, welcome to The Community! While labels can be effective in helping refine your search results, they are not intended to force behavior.

    The search function in Guide is ranked. The ranked search results are based on relevance scoresand are displayed to the user in descending order of their scores. You can learn more about that behavior in our article, How end-user search works in Help Center.

    It's likely that the other articles that are shown in the results include one of the keywords in the title of the article as article titles carry the most weight. 

    I hope that helps clarify a bit!

  • Santiago Lunar


    Thanks for sharing the knowledge, very useful article. I was wondering if there is some kind of average amount of labels for a successful search (I know there isn't a min. or max.). My guess is, the number of labels could be statistically related to the number of words on the article's title for a better search relevance.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Santiago! Welcome to the Community!

    I don't know of any data that indicates that there's an ideal number of labels for SEO. I would say that your best bet is to add however many labels as possible to ensure that potential search terms for your article are covered.

  • Aswin Kannan

    Are labels case sensitive? 

  • Jon Daniels

    Hey Aswin!

    Labels are not case-sensitive. :)

  • Nivedita Mahesh

    I'd like to use the bulk update option to add labels to a large number of articles. From what I'm seeing, I can only select 30 articles at a time. Is that the maximum? 

    Use Case: Adding labels to articles to designate them as 'Answer Bot recommended articles' ( 

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Nivedita,

    Yes, 30 articles at a time is the limit for a bulk article action. I'll add that to the documentation.

    For your use case for Answer Bot, you might try using the API as described in this article:


  • Timo

    Hi folks.

    Do labels support wild cards?

    I have an issue whereby typos and poor grammar on the part of the person doing the search on the widget and in the subject line of the Submit a new Request is not bringing up result from our Help Centre. (I'm assuming this is an issue with labels rather than the search function itself.)


    "My account" - this is a top search for us and brings up the relevant articles 

    "Mly account" - zero results

    I would like to fix this with an "*account*" wild card that will bring up a result as long as the word "account" is in the query. The same is true for other keywords.

    (As a side note, any misspelling of the word "account" will bring zero results.)


  • Stephen Fusco

    Hey Timo, 

    Labels do not support wild cards. In the example you provided, i'd recommend using a label for "account" rather than "my account" As a general rule, labels should be single words as they are looking for exact matches. 

    If you want to include common misspellings then you might consider adding those as their own labels. 


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